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Steve and Mike’s mystery tour – ten expressions with GO

You’re going to hear a dialogue in which Steve and Mike talk about something – but what? Before you read the dialogue/listen to the audio:

1 a) Have a look at these words taken from the dialogue:

Mickey Mouse ears, shorts, competitors, sponsors.

Can you predict the situation in the dialogue? ( i.e. what are Steve and Mike doing?)

b) Read the first two sentences of the dialogue. What are Steve and Mike discussing?

1 Steve’s appearance, 2 football, 3 Mickey Mouse.

2 Before you read the dialogue, try matching the following words (1 to 6) from the dialogue with their meanings (a to f).

1 ridiculous 

2 knackered (informal) 

3 wuss (informal) 

4 after all 

5 that’s the spirit!

6 tough break


a) cowardly or weak person

b) bad luck/misfortune

c) extremely tired

d) the right (i.e. brave) attitude

e) very silly

f) in spite of what’s been said

3 Now read the dialogue and listen to the audio. It contains ten expressions with GO ( in bold in the dialogue). Can you match them with their meanings below? e.g. 1) go with means h) suit or match

Audio – Steve and Mike

1 go with

2 it goes without saying  

3 go on 

4 go to great lengths 

5 have a go 

6 go back on your word                                                                                                                          

7 make a go of it 

8 on the go 

9 go off 

10 as far as it goes 


a  continue                                                                                                                                                                               

b  break a promise                                                                                                                                 

c try an activity to see if you like it                                                                                                                              

d  leave                                                                                                                                                            

e  up to a point, but no further                                                                                                                              

f make a big effort      

g busy                                                                                                                                                            

h suit or match                                                                                                                         

i  do your best, even though you may fail                                                                                                                            

j it’s obvious                                                                                                                                                      


Steve: Hey Mike, do you think my giant Mickey Mouse ears go with my pink shorts?

Mike: Well, it goes without saying you look absolutely ridiculous, but hey, we’re here to enjoy ourselves, not as serious competitors or anything like that.

Steve: True, but it feels pretty serious to me – I’m knackered already. I’m not sure I can go on for much longer.

Mike: Oh come on, don’t be such a wuss! We’ve both gone to great lengths to get to the big event – practising every weekend for the last six months, and well you know it. Besides, you were the one who suggested we should have a go this year, so you can’t go back on your word now.

Steve: Yeah, you’re right. After all, we’ve already completed ten miles – only sixteen miles three hundred and eighty-five yards to go!

Mike: That’s the spirit! We have to make a go of it if only for our sponsors – they’re depending on us to raise loads of money. Remember, it’s all in a good cause.

Steve: Right, and now I think about it, we’re always on the go with the business, so in a way this is a kind of break for us.

Mike: (wiping the sweat from his brow) Though right now, it feels like a pretty tough break, but I guess I’ll be proud as hell when it’s all over.

Steve: Talking of tough breaks, can I use your phone – I need to call my wife. I forgot to tell her I was going off for the weekend.

Mike: What! You’re crazy. Ok, just one call, but that’s as far as it goes.

Steve: Appreciated mate. So, be honest – do you really think my ears look cool?

Discuss with a friend:

a) What do you think is the main difference in attitude between Steve and Mike?

b) What reasons does Mike give to Steve to convince him to carry on?

c) How does Steve convince himself to continue?

d) Have you ever taken part in a marathon or charity event? What was it like? Talk to a friend about this – try using some of the expressions in the dialogue.

5 Role-play the dialogue with a friend, then compare your version with the audio. Alternatively, listen and try copying the pronunciation and intonation of particular sentences. Then try it again!

If you’ve really participated in a marathon I’d like to hear how you got on!










1  a) They’re taking part in a sponsored run b) Steve’s appearance

2  1) e   2) c  3) a  4) f   5) d  6) b

1) h   2) j   3) a  4) f   5) c  6) b  7) i   8) g   9) d  10) e

4 Talking points: positive v negative attitudes – looking on the bright side; time and energy spent on an activity – is it always worth it? 


Copyright: Maurice Taylor